Too bad you can't train skunks to be mousers.

About three weeks ago a small cat showed up at the farm. We left him some food and strict instructions on our mousing expectations and the hopes that we might have found a mouser. I even left him with a carcase, so he could get the general idea.

The reality is that this was a house cat. And what he was looking for was a nice warm lap and perhaps a bowl of milk. That is a bargain that we just don't have room for in our lives.

Three weeks later, the house cat has gone, but it has been replaced by at least two (and I doubt if you see two, that there are not quite a few more) skunks. They are small by Telluride standards and thus far have not even marked the territory much. Kind of cute, if you don't really know their whole story.

But they are here, as the ultimate insult to our lack of canine protection. Of course now, if we get a dog or puppy, they are going to get a tail full from the already moved in Peppe Le Pue.

It might be time to get a gun. Or maybe we can train the skunks to be our mousers!


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