Flipped off by a snake

This was a weekend of snake pissing off. The farm is full of little garder snakes (some, not so tiny). And I have always felt that snakes were especially sensitive to vibration and liked to live under stuff like wood piles and rocks.

Well, this weekend, I moved most of the wood piles and remaining trash piles from the property and pissed off half the population of snakes. The other half were "rock and roll" drowned out by the incessant banging of the roto tiller on our 500 square foot vegetable garden. "Whoo Nelly!"

The quintincential moment of the weekend, was when I was using the tractor to lift up a truck topper (heading to the dump) and a big garder snake crawls out from under it. He turns back to me on this tractor, a truck topper hanging precariously from its forks. And he looks at me with such incredulity as to say "F U, I have been living under that thing for years. Who do you think you are?"

And if a snake had fingers, I know which one I was getting.


Lynette Brown said…
Glad to hear you're back on the Farm!

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