About to give birth.


About to give birth.

I realized when we bought this property that it was going to be our child. Not having children definitely leaves a couple looking for someone or something to nurture and grow. This is the reason we have had two overly important dogs in our time together. Each one dying young and unexpectedly at 7 years old within weeks of moving to a new place. Funny how coincidences happen sometimes...

We bought the property last August and it has been sitting somewhat in a process of birth. Slowly getting cleaned up, straightened up and organized and for the main house, this weekend will likely be its birth. Its fitting that the timing for the birth of the farm for us coincides with spring. The entire farm is budding out. There are peach trees with baby peaches, apples trees and pear trees all with little examples of a hope to come.

This weekend, Amy parents, also known as Wonder Woman and Spider Man will come to the farm and help us put a final coat of lipstick on the pig of a singlewide that will be home to one degree or another until we figure out what we and the farm will do from here. Trust us, there is plenty of work figuring out just how to get this place watered and mowed. But somehow that does not feel like work yet. However it does take away from the same hours we would use to earn money.

Ahhh patience young grasshopper. All will come in time.


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