Back in the saddle again

OK folks, here we go. I made myself a promise last season that I would keep a journal of this process. Since we have found Geronimo farms, our life seems to be on a path, so clear, and so much fun, that it seems a shame to keep it all to ourselves.

On the other hand, I think web blogs are a bunch of self absorbent dribble, spewed from the mouths of egomaniacs, destined to become nothing but a Google spot on the universe of the web.

So, here I am, keyboard in hand. I only ask that if I either offend you, or make some terrible grammatical phaus paus, that you indulge me with a kind correction or positive word. Be gentile with me. My speling is atrocious and my gramar is abbessmall. And I am incredibly insecular about my writing.

OK, enough introduction, if you don’t want to read, GO TO ANOTHER WEB PAGE.

Today was the first day of spring for me. We are at the farm, and this is the first day I have had the functioning tractor. A small Massy Fergerson garden tractor, with a little backhoe and tiny little squat wheels. It has TLB in white letters on the engine. I am certain that it stands for Turbocharged Latin Bystander, or some other engine reference. But for me it is the tractors name. Those of you who know us, know that we tend to name everything. Our Subaru is named Snowflake, the Jeep Sister, and now the tractor. The tractor is named, The Little Brave. It seems obvious that Geronimo farms major workhorse should be call The Little Brave. And like most things in my life, the tractor is female.

Today she got her first chore. Build the firepit. We had this gnarly firepit in front of the cabin, and the idea of carrying rocks onto the farm was not something my back was looking forward to. Fortunately with TLB at my ready, we have a firepit ready for a season of grilling heaven. I wanted to continue the construction to include a Finnish sauna and stone sculpture of Madonna being touched for the very first time, but instead, I may be able to settle for a stone area in front of the firepit, and maybe a little workbench.

The farm continues to speak to us in very clear terms. While the internet remains spotty, we are hopeful that the internet superhighway can run at full speed, even out in Paradox Colorado. I am thinking about calling up Barack and asking for some of that funding to spread the internet to rural areas, beef up our pipeline. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that we have any internet here is nothing short of miraculous.

Stay tuned as we start to plant, dig, fix, break and grow out in the most beautiful spot in the world, on La Sal Creek, in Paradox Colorado. A short 4 miles from Utah and dead smack in the bosom of the most gorgeous county the Good Lord put on this plant. And I am proud to say, I have seen a lot of this magnificent planet.


jill f said…
I look foward to following along with you! Looks beautiful......... what a very cool thing!! What will you raise on Gerinmo??

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